Voting Information

Why vote?

Local elections are important!  They impact you and your community directly.  The School Board plays an essential role in our community in the oversight and governance of District 203. The Board sets the direction and goals for the district and allocates resources, including nearly 75% of your property tax dollars, to provide a high quality education to the students of District 203. Local sources, including your property taxes, account for 88.2% of District 203’s funding! The quality of our schools impacts everyone:

  • Our schools draw families to Naperville, including many District 203 graduates who move away for college and jobs for some time and then return.  This boosts the local economy.
  • Public education is a great investment for the community long term – it prepares our children, academically and socially, to be responsible, engaged, productive citizens and life-long learners.

When and where can I vote?

  • Vote Early: Starting February 23, 2023
    • Find information of early voting locations here
  • Vote by Mail
    • Request your ballot after January 4, 2023 here
  • Vote on Election Day: Tuesday, April 4, 2023
    • Find your polling location and a sample ballot here

Not yet registered to vote?

Click here to register!

Thank you for voting in this important election!

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